…with open arms; living and working to invite others to join us on this journey of forgiveness, hope, and love. Beyond what happens in our personal lives and church experiences, we reach out to share the love of Christ through causes we’re passionate about. We build on the strengths God has given each of us, partner with community organizations and local churches, and focus on opportunities that span the globe.

At Life Point Church, we like the idea of people doing more than just showing up on Sunday mornings to church. We think we can safely say that there is a generation of people who don’t want to just go to church, they want to be the church. They want to make sure their lives are meaningful, and the best way to do that is to partner with others to make a difference in our community and the world.

Here are some of the causes you can come be a part of:

Local Causes 

  • Fill-a-Backpack


Each new school year we partner with an under-served elementary school by providing dozens of new backpacks (filled with the supply list required to start school) to some beautiful students who desperately need a helping hand.

  • Fisher House

fisher house

Each month our Project Purpose team cooks and serves a hot breakfast to some amazing military heroes who’ve been grievously injured in battle protecting our country. We volunteer at the Fisher House on Ft. Sam.

  • SA Food Bank


Every Easter Life Point partners with area churches to help raise much-needed food supplies for the SA Food Bank. In 2015, we joined together to raise more than 300,000 pounds of food to help restock the shelves at SA Food Bank.

  • Fill-A-Box


During the Fall season Life Point comes alongside some incredible families to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal to families who might otherwise go without.

  • Light Your World


Light Your World is our Christmas project where we adopt 80 or so children from our partner elementary schools where we “light their world” by providing, toys, clothes, coats and shoes at Christmas time.

Global Causes 


Our top Global priority during this season is our ongoing effort at relief and restoration in Vignier, Haiti through a partnership with Changing Lives Ministries. While we understand that there are tremendous international organizations doing amazing work in Haiti, we believe that lasting change occurs over time by partnering with Haitians who are making changes in Haiti.

Changing Lives Ministries is run by Benite Jeune. Benite’s dream is to empower Haitians to take back their country after decades of poverty, corruption, health crises and underdevelopment educationally. To that end he has built a top notch school that serves 750 children, and regularly feeds that number each week through a food program. In addition he has started a brand new orphanage and is building a training center to train young leaders how to have the most impact in their country.

Life Point gives a significant percentage of our annual budget to resource this endeavor. Since 2013 Life Point has made four trips to Vignier to provide assistance in the building projects that are ongoing, hosting and facilitating a Vacation Bible School that reaches 350 children, and providing clothing, toys and much-needed shoes to the local children who live in Vignier.

Check out this video from one of our trips to Haiti:

While there is still much work to be done in Haiti, our efforts there are making a difference and residents are dreaming of a brighter future for their country.

Charity Water

In 2014 Life Point funded a water well through Charity Water in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The well is currently in operation serving almost 300 people in the village where it was built. Mark 9:41 says, “If anyone gives you even a cup of water because you belong to the Messiah, I tell you the truth, that person will surely be rewarded.” We wanted to go one better than a cup, we wanted to fund a well that would serve hundreds of people who need clean water.

World Vision

marathon run
Life Point sponsors children throughout the world to provide food, clothing, medication and education. In addition, in December, 2015 we are partnering with Team World Vision to raise money for water wells in Africa by running in the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.


Because Scripture teaches us to care for orphans, Life Point has sponsored orphanages in both Nakuru, Kenya (Emmanuel Orphanage) and the Buensuceso, Philippines, (Ima’s Home for Children). We have a dream to fund and build our own orphanage in the future.

For information on how to get involved, please email our Community Impact Director, Leslie Bellieu.