Heart For The House



A simple scan of the Bible reveals one unwavering fact… God loves His church!

No verse makes that any clearer than Ephesians 3:10 (NIV)

“His intent was that now, THROUGH THE CHURCH, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.”

Isn’t that amazing?! THROUGH THE CHURCH, the wisdom of God, the plan of God is made known.

The angels stand amazed and the earth is transformed by the grace of God manifested THROUGH THE CHURCH. The name of Jesus is made famous in the entire world THROUGH THE CHURCH! People come to know Jesus and make Him known THROUGH THE CHURCH. That’s God’s eternal plan.

Why would God choose us? We’re imperfect. We make mistakes. We don’t always get it right. But we’ve been forgiven and set free. We have been made new and raised to life in Christ. We understand His inexplicable grace, who better than those who’ve experienced the power of God’s grace to tell others about it. It’s the magnificence of His plan. He chose to use the Church! How amazing is that?

What’s humbling about all of that is to realize that God has destined Life Point Church to be a megaphone of His wisdom and plan to our part of the city and ultimately the world. This is where you come in. To fulfill this vision, God is calling us to join together and believe in Him for the resources to build the first phase of our new Life Point Campus on FM 1560.

If God made His church the megaphone to declare His plan of salvation, He must have a heart for His house! The Psalmist said in Psalm 69:9 . . .”a zeal for your house has consumed me.” Will you let Him stir in you that same passion to expand the impact and influence of His house? As followers of Jesus Christ we need to love what He loves, build what He builds and advance what He advances; by doing so we will build a church that declares God’s wisdom and purpose to our world.


Pastor Danny


What is Heart for the House?

Heart for the House is a one year, church-wide concerted effort to raise funds for the development of our new home. It is  a way to challenge God’s people to discover God’s will for a new and exciting dimension in the area of giving.

It will enable us to build a permanent facility for Life Point Church to call home and to take advantage of the unique position and opportunity God has set before us.

Psalm 69:9 …”a zeal for your house has consumed me.”


A permanent home for Life Point will provide:

  • An immediate reslove to the space issue for our children, supplying a State-of-the-art kid’s facility
  • A 24/7 facility where Pastors and ministry teams can meet with thosse hurts, habits and hang-ups.
  • A vibrant and central hub for various ministries such as life groups, growth track, and other life-giving, life-changing classes.
  • A base for global and local causes


What are the Plans & Cost?

Phase 1: Building a 15,000 square foot facility

  • This will initially house all of our ministry areas
  • Will eventually be converted into KidsPoint and Student spaces

What is Life Point asking you to do?

Step 1 – Embark on the Spiritual Journey

  • During this journey we ask you to listen to how God is calling you to participate in Heart for the House.

Step 2 – Make a financial pledge to give to Heart for the House for the next 12 months


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the plan for the facility?

It will be approximately 15,000 square feet and will serve as our “first phase” building with more to come in the future.

Where will the permanent location be?

It will be located at 8098 FM 1560, 78254

How will the money be used?

It will be used to fund a permanent location for Life Point Church ultimately to further our reach.

Should I direct my regular giving to Heart for the House when it begins?

No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving. Take time to prayerfully consider what gift God is asking you to give. We will supply heart for the House giving envelopes.

How much should I give?

That’s between you and God, but we are asking everyone to make a significant sacrifice. It’s not about equal gifts; it’s about equal sacrifice. The size of the gift will be different, but the size of the sacrifice should be the same.

If you have any additional questions please send us an email.